Fez, The Beautiful History And The Authentic Taste!
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Fez, The Beautiful History And The Authentic Taste!

Fez is the intellectual, religious, and artistic capital of the Cherifan Empire. It is the most perfect Muslim city in North Africa. The city obtained the rank of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1980. Less colorful and less aggressively seductive than Marrakech, it is more mysterious and exciting to discover. While Marrakech spreads out in full sunshine, in the plain, its…


Marrakech, The Red City That Offers Beauty And Food!

Imperial Moroccan city and capital of the South. Marrakech is a powerful pole of attraction! For the traveler arriving from the North, the appearance of the famous palm grove in the middle of the burning plain of Haouz is an astonishing spectacle. In winter, when the snows of the High Atlas sparklein the distance, the surprise is even greater! Besides the…