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Morocco is an old nation influenced by different cultures throughout history. This diversity and richness make Moroccan cuisine one of the best in the world. It Introduces different authentic dishes with unique taste such as tagine and couscous. This cuisine lets you discover new ingredients and how sweet can be mixed with salty to bring more flavor.

Moroccans use a wide range of ingredients to prepare different amazing recipes. The list of these recipes is long; some are typically Moroccan and some are borrowed from other cultures with a special local touch. Whenever you need a good idea for a perfect dinner, Moroccan cuisine offers the best.

In Morocco, bread is consumed with almost every meal. This importance makes Moroccans care more about quality and taste. From Harcha to Batbout, Moroccan Breads are tasty and beautiful. Like bread, pastries reflect the uniqueness of Moroccan cuisine. You will discover a variety of pastries that are cute and irresistible.

Morocco is a captivating country with a huge historical and cultural heritage. Beside the natural beauty, this tourist country is famous for its incomparable food. Food cities like Marrakech and Fez are the best choice if you are the one who like discovering new cultures through eating and cooking. The food of each city reveals secrets and tells the amazing story behind it.