18 Best Cooking Hacks Most People Wish They Had Known Earlier!
Man and Woman Preparing Food In Kitchen

In the world of cooking, to know the right ingredients or the right recipe can never be sufficient for perfect meal preparation! People who love to prepare food for themselves or others should always look for new cooking tips and techniques! Kitchen work is a pleasure, but is based on good practical skills!

In this article, I will present the best easy hacks that will improve your cooking and turn you into a clever chef!

18 Best Easy Cooking Hacks:

Man and Woman Preparing Food In Kitchen
Man and Woman Preparing Food In Kitchen

1- Preserve your Lemon and Get More Juice:

2 Hands With 2 Lemons
2 Hands With 2 Lemons

When you need some lemon juice, you usually cut the lemon in half to use a little bit of it. Then you put the leftover lemon in the fridge for another use. However, After a period of time, you notice that it is all rotten and dry. So, this is how to preserve your lemon and still get the juice:
Take your lemon and roll it.
Use a sort of pin, and poke at the bottom of the lemon.
Just squeeze and all the lemon juice you need will pour out easily.
The small little hole will not let the oxygen get into your lemon and make it rot faster.

2- Freeze your Herbs In Olive Oil:

There are many ways to preserve your favorite herbs like drying, freezing or soaking, but in most of these cases, the herbs lose a large part of their flavor. The best trick here is to freeze fresh herbs in olive oil using your ice cube tray. Whenever you want to cook, you can use the frozen oil cube with herbs in place of regular oil. This amazing trick of making your homemade herbal oil will add a delicious flavor to your different dishes.

3- Add a Carrot to Sweeten your Tomato Sauce:

Tomato and Carrot Sauce
Tomato and Carrot Sauce

It is one of the best tips for adding a little sweetness to the tomato sauce. People who do not like to use much sugar will love it a lot. The carrot tastes delicious and gives the perfect touch of sweetness in food.

4- Keep Lettuce Fresh Longer

Fresh Lettuce Leaves
Fresh Lettuce Leaves

By storing it the right way, you will get up to 10 days more out of your lettuce than you would normally.
To Keep Lettuce Fresh: Wash the lettuce with fruit and vegetable wash to remove bacteria and to extend shelf life.
Dry the lettuce pieces using your salad spinner or just paper towel.
Put them in a container that breaths well (like BPA free plastic containers) to keep them lasting longer.
Top them off with a paper towel before you cover the container, to avoid extra moisture which will make them soggy.

5- Cook Fish On Lemon:

Fish Grilled on Lemon Slices
Fish Grilled on Lemon Slices

When you cook your fish on sliced lemons:
Your fish will not fall apart on the grill.
Your fish will soak up lemon flavor and will be tasty.
Your fish will be easy to set up.
Washing will be very easy.

6- Solve the Problem of Cold Butter Being Unspreadable:

Piece of Butter On Grater
Piece of Butter On Grater

When your butter is too cold to spread, use a box grater to save time. This practical kitchen tip will turn the ice-cold butter into nice shavings, just perfect on toast and for making pastry dough.

7- Use a Wooden Spoon to Stop a Pot From Boiling:

If you see your pot starts to boil up, place a wooden spoon over the top. When the foam touches something with low temperature like wood (unlike metal that absorbs heat), it retracts. The condensation of the steam makes the bubbles break up.

8- Peel Ginger Easily:

French Ginger
French Ginger

This time-saving trick will help you to peel your ginger with less effort. You need just to freeze a piece of ginger and then to grate It with a spoon. Using the edge of your spoon makes it easy to get into all nooks and crannies, and to remove the skin without wasting a ton of usable ginger.

9- Cut Onions Without Tears:

Onions With Knife On Brown Surface
Onions With Knife On Brown Surface

The two best ways to get rid of tears when cutting an onion are:
First, put the onion in the freezer for 12 to 15 minutes (or 30 minutes in the refrigerator) before cutting. The cold slows the spread of the gas which causes tears.
Second, before you start chopping, just cut the little bulb inside the onion (where the roots come out). This bulb which is shaped like a cone contains the gas that makes you cry.

10- Make Cristal Pure Ice Cubes:

4 Clear Ice Cubes
4 Clear Ice Cubes

The simple trick to make ice cubes as clear as crystal is to boil filtered water before freezing. This method helps to remove dissolved air as well as the impurity in the water:
Boil pure water twice (boil and let it cool, then repeat).
Once cooled, place it in the ice tray, and cover with a plastic wrap to avoid contact with air. Put your tray in the freezer and wait for your beautiful translucent ice blocks that will melt carefully into your favorite cocktails.

11- Fix your Cutting Board While Chopping:

Chopping Board With Sliced Vegetables On Pink Towl
Chopping Board With Sliced Vegetables On Pink Towl

Use a damp towel or a wet paper towel under your board to keep it from slipping around while chopping. This simple kitchen hack will help you a lot when you are preparing your ingredients.

12- Cook your Meatballs Perfectly:

Cooked Meatballs In White Plate
Cooked Meatballs In White Plate

This amazing cooking trick requires roasting meatballs in an empty egg carton to get rid of the grease. Egg cartons, not only absorb excess fat, but they are also durable enough to be baked in the oven:
Place your meatballs in the cardboard egg carton.
Bake at 400°F (204°C) for 20 minutes.
You will notice that the meatballs come out of the carton very easily.

13- Use a Spider Skimmer to Separate Eggs:

Cracking an egg into a spider skimmer is a great way of separating the egg white from the yolk. Instead of bouncing the egg yolk between two halves of the eggshell, your spider skimmer will save your time.

14- Peel Hardboiled Eggs Easily:

To remove eggshells can be so easy:
Place the hardboiled egg in a jar and add some water to cover.
Place your hand over the jar and shake.
Once done, you just take out and the shell is basically fall off your boiled egg.

15- Peel Garlic Cloves Easily:

Place a head of garlic in a jar and shake for a little bit.
Pop it out and remove some of the husks as they will get in the way.
Once done, put the garlic cloves back inside the jar.
Put the lid back on and shake again for seconds.
Pop it out and pick away the skins separated from the cloves.

16- Save your Burnt Gravy:

Your favorite gravy has burned, do not be frustrated:
Pour the gravy into another clean saucepan.
Continue cooking and adding a little sugar.
Continue adding small doses until the sugar neutralizes the taste of your gravy.

17- Use a Marshmallow to Stop the Ice Cream Cone From Leaking:

This perfect summer food trick works to stop the ice cream drips by stuffing a marshmallow in the bottom of your cone. Avoid more chocolate ice cream on your clothes!

18- Use a Melon Baller to Core Apples:

You can use a melon baller to remove the core from halved apples. It makes perfect openings when you are preparing baked apples. It is, also, much safer than using a knife.

I hope these amazing food hacks will please you a lot, and help you prepare different meals with ease and love!

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