10 Genius Baking Hacks that Will Save your Time and Money
Person Tracing On Dough

You know! it is very normal to run out of a key ingredient and you are still in the middle of baking your favorite cake! Yes, it is totally normal to be stressed when you just waste time challenging unwanted difficulties! But, do not worry too much! This article will provide a number of tips and techniques that will better your skills and let you overcome these stressful baking challenges!

Here are the best baking hacks you can rely on to ease your baking-induced stress. They will save your time and money as well as they will let you enjoy baking instead of being a headache!

10 Best Baking Hacks:

Person Making Dough Beside Brown Wooden Rolling Pin and White and Green Towel

1- Coating the Chocolate Chips In Flour to Prevent Them From Sinking:

Baked cakes with Chocolate Chips
Ten Baked Cakes with Chocolate Chips On a Brown Surface

It is true that baking with chocolate chips is a challenge since they tend to sink to the bottom of cakes. However, tossing them in a little flour just solves the problem and Keeps them From Sinking. In fact, this “flour hack” works, also, to keep other garnishes from sinking such as fresh berries and dried fruits.
Note: The batter should not be too thin to let this baking tip work. You have to avoid that the weight of your garnish pulls it quickly to the bottom.

2- Use the Hairdryer to Give your Icing the Perfect Sheen:

Decorated Shining Mirror Cake
Beautiful Shining Mirror Cake with Chocolate, Berries, and Cream At the Top

To give your professional icing the glossy finish required, set your hairdryer on low-warm and melt it but just slightly (the dryer should be 6 inches away from the frosting). Normally, this kitchen hack takes just a couple of minutes to complete but If the frosting does not start sweating after 20 seconds, change the dial to a hotter setting and go on.

3- Use a Toothpick to Trace Lettering On Cakes Before Writing With Icing:

Round baked yin yang birthday cake
Birthday Yin Yang Cake With Two Colors (Orange and White) and Black Letters At the Top

The best baking hack to decorate your favorite cake with messages like “Happy Birthday” or “Happy New Year” is to trace where each letter goes using a toothpick before writing with the pastry bag. The importance of the toothpick is that when you make a mistake, you can smooth over the icing and trace again until you finish it right.
This Real Simple magazine’s video explains how to write on a cake.

4- Use Parchment Paper If you Do Not Have Cupcake Liners:

You are looking for cupcake liners and you can not find them in your kitchen! Do not worry! You can use parchment paper instead of them! Cut a sheet of parchment into squares (six-inch) and place them over the holes in the muffin tin. Use the heel of a small glass to mold the paper into the indent. Pour in the batter and your muffins or cupcakes will rise. When baked, you will discover that they are not just easy to remove from the pan, but they are so elegant, too.
This baking trick will probably make you forget about cupcake liners.

5- Use a Paper Plate As Splatter Shield For your Stand Mixer:

When using your hand mixer, all you should do is punch a couple of holes near the center of the paper. Stick the beaters through these holes. Attach them to the mixer and protect your clothes from splatters that can splash around.

6- Use a Wine Bottle As a Rolling Pin:

Dough Rolling Pin Beside Bottle of Wine
Dough Rolling Pin Beside Bottle of Wine

Maybe you do not have a rolling pin in your kitchen since you rarely take the time to bake! No problem, just use a wine bottle to roll out your dough. It is flat, long, and the dough does not stick to the surface especially when it is cold (it keeps the dough cool and prevents it from getting sticky).

7- Use Bread to Keep your Cake and Cookies Moist and Chewy:

If you want your cake to stay as perfectly fresh and soft as when you first cut into it, just put slices of bread on its ends using toothpicks.
Likewise, if you want your cookies to be super soft and chewy, store them with a slice of bread. In fact, this awesome kitchen trick is very useful for preventing all other baked goods from getting stale before time.

8- Wet your Fingers to Remove the Eggshell Bits:

Cracked Egg
Cracked Egg

Sometimes, to fish out eggshell pieces from eggs seems to be one of life’s most frustrating occurrences. It seems like it takes forever pursuing it around. To solve the problem, some people use the half-empty shell. But practically, the fastest trick is when you wet your fingers; you easily get shell fragments out of your eggs. Harold McGee, the American author who writes about the food science and cooking, explained that ” The egg white sticks to dry fingers and gets in the way of touching the piece of shell…It doesn’t stick to the film of water on wet fingers, so they can grasp the shell with less interference.”

9- Test your Baking Soda and Baking Powder:

It is very important to test your baking soda and baking powder to see if they are viable or not:

For baking soda:

Add 1/4 teaspoon baking soda to a tablespoon white vinegar in a cup. If it does not bubble, just throw it. Fresh baking soda should react with vinegar.

For baking powder:

The same way, but just instead of white vinegar use warm water. The mixture should fizz if it is still fresh.

10- Test How Fresh Are your Eggs:

Smiley faces on Eggs to show their freshness
5 Eggs With Different Smiley Faces to Show How Fresh They Are

Place the egg you want to test in a bowl or a tall glass of water. If it sinks, it is fresh. If it floats, it is stale. If it stands on one end, it is not so fresh but it is okay to use it (to make an omelet for example).

To make it clear:

Test Egg Freshness
Test Egg Freshness

You are a professional baker or just a beginner, I hope you find these life-changing baking tips and tricks lovely and helpful!

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