10 Amazing Tips For A quick HAPPY meal!
Man and Woman Preparing Food In Kitchen

To avoid unnecessary stress and have fun staying in the kitchen for meal prep, one should improve his performance and provide suitable circumstances! For this reason, I propose, in this article, some amazing hacks that will help you to be more efficient and HAPPY!

10 Amazing Tips For A quick HAPPY meal!

Man and Woman Preparing Food In Kitchen
Man and Woman Preparing Food In Kitchen

1- Being simple brings happiness:

Forget recipes with endless ingredient lists and focus on a few fresh, colorful foods. Four or five ingredients are all it takes to make the best pasta, salads, and pizzas! Even the chefs of the greatest restaurants are following this trend of returning to their roots. So, stick to the basics!

2- Good utensils make the difference:

In the kitchen, every gesture and every second count. Don’t waste any more time with inadequate or inefficient utensils! A sharp knife, a quality garlic press, a large salad spinner, or a mandolin can save you precious minutes!

3- Think all-in-one

Think of all-in-one meals such as gratins and slow-cooked dishes. Avoid unnecessary and bulky dishes. Before you start a recipe, ask yourself if it’s possible to prepare it in a single pot. Leftovers will take up less space in the fridge and the next day, just put the pan in the oven after covering the handle with aluminum foil!

4- Make the octopus

Be proactive! While the onions are crackling in the pan, measure the amounts for the next step. Is your meat thawing in the microwave? Take this opportunity to prepare the vinaigrette! Why not cook the eggs hard in the pasta cooking water for the next day’s salad? Start washing pots and cutting boards while the food is cooking.

5- Accept help!

Put your pride aside and delegate! Running out of milk? Your teen may be stopping at the grocery store on his way home from school. They can also help cut vegetables or grate cheese, while your youngest can certainly set the table. And don’t forget the unwritten law that says that the person who made dinner… can’t do the dishes!

6- Eat fresh:

Turn into exquisite and refreshing dinners instead of Cooking food that takes extra time! salads, pitas, submarines, tartars, gazpacho, ceviches, and Co are practical recipes that don’t require cooking.

7- Do not remove the peel:

Eat your beautiful vegetables as they are! Do not waste time and HEALTH! How much time do you spend peeling potatoes, carrots and cucumbers, even if the peel is full of nutrients! What you need is just an exfoliating glove to remove the soil and enjoy them with peel.

8- One meal, step by step:

To avoid unnecessary back and forth, clear a workspace large enough to perform all your tasks. If the layout of the kitchen allows you to do so, sit near the sink so you can rinse food and utensils without moving around. Finally, to avoid going back and forth to the garbage can, provide a large bowl to hold your waste. At the end, you can throw it in the garbage, or better yet, compost it!

9- See double:

Once the recipe book, utensils and food are out, it is frankly no more complicated to make a duplicate recipe. When preparing vinaigrette, marinade, pancake batter, pesto, flavoured butter or tapenade, double the quantities so you can stock up on supplies. You can also double up complete recipes and put them in the freezer: you’ll be happy to find a lasagna, chicken drumsticks or soup in the next few weeks.

10. To each his own household

You can waste an impressive amount of time looking for a measuring cup in a cupboard, a condiment in the fridge or a spice in a drawer. Next rainy Sunday, make a logical arrangement in the refrigerator, pantry and cupboards so you don’t waste any more time. Let your family members know so that they will respect this new arrangement.

I hope that these tips pleased you a lot, and will solve the problem, especially during the long busy weeknights!

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